• Colombian Shapewear is simply the best in the market

    Posted by margarita echemendia

    Using shapewear has become trendy in the last decade here in the US. You can see celebrities using and promoting them in social networks. The “Faja” in Colombia is not a trend it is a tradition. They have been around for a long time now. Colombian women make a lot of effort to look their best. Girdles or fajas have helped them for decades to keep that small waist in track, even after giving birth, allowing them a full recovery.

    Colombia, known as a textile producer country, has found an opportunity in the bodyshapers industry and it has become the second exporter of shapewear of the world after China. The difference between Colombian “faja” with it’s competitor it is the quality that characterize them. Colombian Shapewear producers have invested in the latest technology, materials, and designs you can find in the industry. They also keep the production in the country were they can be very involved in the whole process, making sure the final product is the highest quality possible.

    What make the Colombian shapewear so great!

    1- It is made out of Powernet. Previously used in prescription items, Powernet, is a fabric that offers support without loosing elasticity. The construction of this material it is similar to the gauze with hexagonal stitching, which allows the skin to breathe freely.

    2 - Latest in design. Our Colombian shapewear is engineered with cutting patterns and seams that allow compression of the right areas like abdomen, tights, arms and hips and lift or enhances other part of your body like your buttocks and breast.

    3- Made in Colombia. Colombia is recognized internationally as a country with great strengths in the textile and apparel industry. With this knowledge Colombia has submerge in the shapewear industry with the right tools. It also helps that the production process stays in house. So quality is guaranteed.

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